Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knit Long and Prosper

Yes, I admit it: I love Star go where no man has gone before...I even had the Spock hairdo :) believe it or not....and I love Space. Not that I have ever been fact, where ever I go I create a massive amount of chaos with fibre so there is no Space left, so unless there is an imminent threat of a Black hole emerging just above my studio and sucking all my stash, fleeces and yarns out, I don't think I will ever have Space...unless....I go where no Fibre holic has gone before....and I don't have enough "balls" to do that So if you want to "Knit long and prosper" you can adopt these new Tribbles to your stash: stalk me anytime ! (email me or PM me at Ravelry) :)
Hand spun and Hand dyed Organic Angora Yarn (50g=50m/yards)25g/1oz=AU$14
Blue Mountains angora yarn (sold)

Mountain dusk angora yarn

Lilac Angora yarn

Pure white angora yarn

Sunny Bunny Angora Yarn
Handspun and Hand Dyed Mulberry Peace Silk 8 ply (150m/yard=50g) 50g/2oz/AU$15
Whitsundays peace silk

Natural Peace Silk
Ocean Reef Pool Peace silk

Moss Forest Peace silk

Dusk Peace silk

Dusky Teal Peace silk

Berry Peace silk

Australian Bush Peace silk (sold)
Hand Dyed Angorino Tops 150-160g/6oz= AU$19 hand dyed
VULCAN (1left)
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..(2 Totos left...)

Trouble with Tribbles (sold)

The Enterprise (sold)

Scotty & McCoy*1left

The Romulan Empire (sold)

Kirk in Space (Kirk has left )
Klingon Empire (all the Klingons flew away)
Cashmerino Laceweight yarn (550m/yards=50g/2oz) AU$18
Steel Cashmerino

Kangaroo Paw (sold)
For more available colours in the cashmerino yarn please have a look at the ixchelbunny cashmerino yarn on

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