Friday, October 2, 2009

Sock-it-to-me: socks, spinning and bunnies

The deluge has stopped and we actually had two days without any rain and something yellow appeared in a blue and white sky! At first I couldn't remember what that strange object was but then it struck me: the SUN!!! We finally managed to dry up a bit!

By the way: I have done it again: I put a lot of stuff on my plate. I have come to the realisation that I am a sucker for punishment and probably-well, most likely- an absolute workaholic. As if two clubs were not enough, I started a third one: the "sock-it-to-me-yarn club" only because I am addicted to sock knitting it seems AND I wanted to share some yarns and patterns and tips. Apparently there are a lot of sock addicts out there! For those of you not sure about what the sock it to me club stands for and what joining it costs, I ask you to scroll down to last fridays entry and have a nice read. Sign ups are still open til the 10th as promised, so if in doubt: join the club ! lol With all the clubs happening there are a lot of preparations to be done : lots of spinning, fibre carding, washing and dyeing! and if that is not enough: I have a workshop and a bunny talk tomorrow in Carlton at the Spinners and weavers guild of Victoria for those doing the certificate spinning course! I am so excited about that, I got up at 3am this morning and started preparing and writing out my talk for the hand outs tomorrow. Chances are my head will drop on the keyboard this afternoon I don't know who the lucky bunny is that is going to accompany me to Carlton and have its first look at the big city: it will be one of the babies but not sure which one yet. Skye maybe,or Elvis or maybe Tribble? Elvis, by the way, is a GIRL! lol I am sure she doesn't mind being named after the King...:) here are some photos of the girls and boy (ookie) in the studio.

Kabookie (watch the eyebrows! :) )
Ookie in the outside run, separated from his harem for the first time today....he got a bit too

The walnut tree is producing its first buds ! The cockatoos have not discovered this yet, but Jazz the bunnydog has been in training to scare them off. Just mentioning "white bird" will set Jazz off in a frenzy and she will start barking and jumping up like a frog, all 4 legs in the air. This scares the cockatoos so much, they fly off and leave the walnut tree alone...until they think the coast is clear again....10 mins after the last it's a circus here at the Ixchel fibre farm alright...:)

King Parrot in the walnut tree

Well I have kept you waiting too long as it is: here is the update for this week! Guess what I have been watching while spinning yarn......?

Hand dyed organic superfine angorino (95%17micron merino/5%angora) 150+grams/AU$22.

Hufflepuff sold

Leaky Cauldron SOLD
Animagus 1left
Gryffindor sold
Dobby sold

Moaning Myrtle sold

Just email me or pm me on where I am ixchelbunny and I will give you all the details you need to know on how to take these magical angorinos home :)

I will be at the Arts Centre Market at Southbank again this Sunday so you can visit me there as well :)
Have a fun weekend !!!!!

Oh before I forget: I will have some exciting yarns and .........funky bunny batts week! so keep an eye on this blog !


Textile Tragic said...

Looking forward to having you at the Guild tomorrow:)

Jammed Knits said...

Am loving those colours Charly soooo glad I don't have the inclination to want to spin those beauties. Mind you having them spun for me would be very nice indeed :)