Friday, November 5, 2010

Things are not always what they seem...

Where to begin? There was spring in the air this week, but it was quickly weeded out by the amount of downpour we were getting, which made the drying of all my hand dyed fibres and yarns a bit difficult. It always makes our living room look like a Laundromat, with Paul having to compete for a spot near the fire with heaps of fluffy stuff. Guess what won? Lol

Before the drying process can be on its way, you have to get the inspiration and the fibres and yarns wet though. This week I was reading something about fluorescent corals they discovered in Australia, which would be beneficial in helping discover how cancer cells develop and distinguish themselves. The fluorescence also apparently is very helpful to the corals to cope with the effect of global warming, or should I just say , the increasingly higher temperatures in the ocean.. Could it be an adaption process of the coral or is it just a feature that has always been there and now comes in handy? It’s like medecines discovered for one purpose are proven in time to be actually a lot more beneficial for people with another type of illness that the “inventors”of the medicine did not even think of or look for in the first place. Yes, things are not always what they seem.

fluorescent coral

On a more mundane level I noticed that when I went to a restaurant in Brussels long long ago, where everything on the menu was in French and at that time I did not have the French know-how to exactly know what everything was, I just judged a dish by the name of it and how it sounded. Hmmm…andouilettes…that sounds amazingly nice! Say it: andouilettes..yep, defenenitely has a ring to it , doesn’t it? Well , think again, because when I got the dish placed in front of me it was an assortment of tiny wee sausages..So far so good you think..hell no! at the first cut of the knife the stench could have made the whole restaurant appear to be an abattoir in the middle of an electricity outage….sausages made with all kinds of intestines …I have never forgotten about andouilettes, unfortunately for the wrong Things are not always what they seem…eh?

Whenever I am working on an update I seek inspiration not only for dyeing and painting my fibres (which in this case was the coral reef and nature around me) but also I look for names for my new fibre babies. This time I ofcourse named my new yarn dyeing technique after the corals that inspired me, but what of some of the camelbunny silk tops? I thought it would be a good idea this time to look on google and see what people looked for, or in other words proved a popular search: Britney Spears seemed to be popular, but I was not in the mood to name my fibre babies after on with the search for a beautiful word…there it was ! buk-ka-ke..hmmm that sounds very African doesn’t it..has a gorgeous ring to it..doesn.t it?…very exotic and well,,nice,eh?.. I could live with one of my fibre babies being named like that….I thought !!….UNTIL I LOOKED UP WHAT IT MEANT! No, definitely NOT a good idea…lol…maybe it also goes to show how ignorant I am in some fields of expertise … Safe to say I have come up with some other names for the babies this week !

So without keeping you on the edge of your seats: get ready to drool and snaffle! There is only a small supply of everything (especially after “they who shall not be named” stalked saw and snaffled. Already after seeing my photostream on …so please contact me by email ( or on where I am Ixchelbunny or even message me on where I am also known as Ixchelbunny. Drum roll !!!!!!!!!! here is this weeks fibre update !!!!!

Have a great week and chat soon !
((hugs)) Charly

Hand dyed bamboo bunny yarn
+/- 400meteres/100grams Excellent for socks and shawls as well. Has a gorgeous drape !

Favia coral inspiration … and then …the yarn:

favia yarn (sold)

favia yarn close up

gobi coral and then…the yarn:

gobi yarn

coral party (sold)

orchid ( Sold)

Hand dyed and hand spun camel bunny cashmere yarn plyed with gold thread
+/- 100meters per skein of super soft goodness

Rembrandt (54grams)


opal (59grams)

Fire (56grams)

Hand dyed baby Camel bunny and silk tops (50/40/10)
50grams AU$19

Higgledy Piggledy -sold-


dragonballz -sold-


Paintball -sold-

Velvet and pearls


Mountain dew

Koala dreams

Rainforest glow


I won! I won! Yes I received a BLOG award !

Thank you so much Chiara (Z twist art with her amazing BLOG! www. ) for nominating me ! especially the bit about my blog having honesty and humour in equal proportions. Thank you so much !
Here is how it apparently works: you get the award and then you have to tell 7 things about your self..hmmm.. pass the word along to bloggers you like and contact the bloggers you want to give an award to. Okay, so far so good
here’s my list:

Seven Things about me:
I will have to start with the fact that I’m a very passionate person about everything I do…and I want to do LOTS.(painting, dyeing, spinning, weaving, thinking of funky new art yarns or creations , making music, playing the harp or guitar piano and singing and there is always a new passion around the corner waiting to be…and I want to do it as well as I possibly can. It can however consume me…blinkers on and go for it- kid of attitude, in which I even forget to drink or eat…very bad..but yeah.. Passion is the spirit of Life.

did I say Stubborn? Lol…I want to do what I do and most of the time I want it NOW!.. so when I want to read, I want to finish the book NOW! And read til I have finished it, or work til I have finished the project and work right til the deadline.

I live to learn…but I hated…but I love to acquire as much knowledge of just about anything I possible can. My inspiration is probably Leonardo DaVinci.. I am a Renaissance Person…
Compassion…Love to share things and take care of others, which can be a bit overdone at some times and forget to take care of myself,but you know…I am
I am contradictory: I love people, but love to be alone as well ..a loner maybe or just someone who can appreciate the silence of a cave or the forest. I love living close to nature and being with animals. My nature and animal Spirits are a continuous inspiration and source of strength to me.

Running out of Time Syndrome…I always feel I need to do so much because I am running out of time. There is so much to discover in this world and in this life ! So many dreams and wishes..let’s live long and prosper….

When I am scared of something I will always go towards it to try and conquer the fear, which at times is pretty darn hard and sometimes plain stupid..: example: I am quite a shy person (yes yes believe it or not!) so I thought singing and playing in a band would be good to overcome still have to do some bunji jumping to overcome my fear of falling but I am sure I will get to that

Next week I will share a list of fellow bloggers I admire (I am running out of time this week..what a surprise!)
Thanks heaps for your support and have fun!


Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm:

Saturday 20th of November and Thursday the 25th of
Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, crocheting and a plate to share with everybody. There is cake and coffee and tea and a lovely bunny to cuddle and lots of fibres and yarn!) very important ! Please let me know beforehand by email or message that you would like to come and visit so I can prepare the infrastructure and cake ofcourse !

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