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Surprise !

Tawnee and her nest

Last weekend I noticed that Tawnee was getting a bit , well just say it..... broody. Meaning trying to dig and make a nest, taking straw, putting it in her mouth and putting it in a specific corner. Weird, because I was not told that she had been mated prior to me taken her to her new home. Since I have seen this behaviour before in Topping and other does when I knew that there could not possibly be that they were pregnant, I thought it was just that: broodiness and Tawnee having some hormonal problem. It got a bit hyper when all of a sudden Trixie got too close to her at one time and Tawnee started to fight with her. At that point I thought, oh well, she needs a holiday from her teenage kids and put her in the studio with her own kittie litter tray, food bowl, water and heaps of straw. Saturday morning I woke up early, fed our other bunnies down in the bunny bunker and at 7am when I got back to the studio I saw that Tawnee had deposited a large amount of fluff in her kitty litter tray and ..wait for it…..three babies ! talking about an immaculate conception ! What a surprise !!!!

There were two light coloured presumably gold or faw bunny babies in the nest and a bit separate was a dark brown baby, which was terribly wrinkly and very cold. I immediately took it out of the kitty litter tray, covered the rest of the babies up with the hair that Tawnee had plucked off herself to make a little nest and put the wrinkly chocolate baby on my chest so it could get warmer. It took about 30minutes of warming it up and its vital signs were improving very much. It made popping sounds all the time so its reflexes seemed to get better and better as well. Now I had to put it back with its siblings and make sure it stayed there to stay warm, while chasing up a suitable nestbox , disinfect it, make a little nest and transport the babies from the kitty litter tray that obviously wouldn’t do as a nice warm, safe and clean bed for the babies.
Tawnee was very calm but very protective of her new babies ofcourse, throughout this and I could see that she already delivered the afterbirth as well, so after the nestbox and the babies were secure, the cleaning up of Tawnees’run had to be done. She was eating and drinking normal and everything seemed to be going very well ! What a morning !!!

I called my friend Christina, who had sold me Tawnee and she said that she did mate Tawnee with Dudley, three weeks prior of me picking her up but she thought it hadn’t taken…well, Dudley sure didn’t I don’t have any photos of the dad Dudley yet, but will post some as soon as I get them.
Here are some photos of the new baby bunnies, born as a surprise ! on Monday morning at +/- 6.30am:

the two golden coloured babies, the brown one hiding under the fluff (photo taken immediately after discovery at 7am

The three babies 2 days later

aaaaw! It is amazing how good the chocolate one is growing !

This morning I picked up the little gold baby to take a photo of it in the palm of my hand and it wiggled and wiggled and …then decided it had to relieve itself…lol…at that point Tawnee came up and wasn’t happy ofcourse, so I put it back in the nest box and immediately Tawnee jumped in, re arranged all and let them have a drink.

Oh it is soooo amazing to see that ! and hear those slurpy drinking noises and the happy sounds the babies make. Tawnee stayed in the nest box a full 5 minutes and after she jumped out I saw that all three of them had huge round bellies full of good milk . I did not dare disturb them again so I do not have a photo of the big strawberry gold one…I will need two hands to hold the big one though: it is so much bigger than the other two babies. So I will wait til Paul gets home from work.
Tomorrow the weighing begins to see how they are all growing.

The little gold baby before feeding time today…

the tiny chocolate one before it got fed..

Multitasking Tawnee; rearranging the bedding and feeding her babies at the same time

Trixie, Tilda and TicTac are doing great as well ! TicTac , who was the smallest of the bunnies (and still has gained 350grams in the week that she has been here and is having a great time !

TicTac LOVES the bokchoi !

I have put a big tunnel in the run of Trixie, Tilda and TicTac and they are having so much fun chasing each other through it. No wonder they are exhausted after a full morning of play !

This weeks blog update has some very soft hand dyed tops that are amazing to spin and felt and some extremely soft hand spun and dyed Camel bunny yarn as well. New are the Felted soaps ! I made the soaps a month before Bendigo, et them mature and then felted some of our hand dyed fibres around the, Felted soaps aare fun to use, make the soap last longer, is super soft, and even after the soap is gone, you can still use it as a face washer or something else ! Great fun! The soap is made with coconut butter, vegetable oil, calendula flowers, chamomile and jojoba oil and is amazing for delicate skins.
I have also relisted the new harvest of Buddhas Tears tea , some amazing blooming art tea: it tastes as good as it looks and is amazing to watch as well ! and the badges ! So, get your snaffling boots on: here are this weeks offerings!

Next week is going to be the launch of a super NEW blend !!!!! This one is so special , so soft , so amazing it will get you drooling ! preparations are on their way to get a big batch prepped and dyed this weekend ! More on facebook and my ravelry group later next week !!! stay tuned !

You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. Just let me know what you would like and how many and I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Thank you so much for your help and support !

Camelbunny Hand spun and hand dyed

50g AU$25 110meters per 50grams appr 4ply spun


Mandaley 2 available -sold-

treetop walk

cradle mountain (1 available)

Bibbulmun (2 available)

Natural Camelbunny

Camelbunny with a twist

Kata Tjuta (2 available)

raspberry (1 available)

moss floor (1 available)

Deep River (1 available)

More Camelbunny yarns are currently drying and will be on next weeks update: including a gorgeous blue and a range of natural dyed ones ! It just took a bit longer to get everything dyed using eucalyptus and walnut, indigo and cochineal. You just have to have a bit miore patience when working with natural dyes but it is so worth it !

Hand dyed Angorino tops : organic 18micron Merino 95%, angora 5% AU$20/100+grams

Shark attack


Angry Birds


Happy Camper -2left-

Berry Toffee

Woolly Mammoth

Drunk Ragdoll

Zombie Ville -sold-

Reckless Getaway

Gone Fishin -sold-


NEW ! Felted Bunny Soap (calendula flower soap) in 4 different colours AU$4.50 per piece


Blue sky

Summer sun

Barrier Reef

Buddhas tears tea NEW HARVEST AU$15 50+grams .

NEW ! Blooming Art Tea: Amaranth flowers and green tea 6 pods for AU$15 or 12 pods for AU$25

Amaranth Blooming Flower Tea
Ingredient: green tea 78%, Globe amaranth flower 22%
This finely picked blooming tea ball has been masterfully tied together by hand and lightly dried shortly after cultivation. Once the blooming flower tea ball is steeped in near-boiling water it blooms like a real flower. It unfolds into a high-rising of globe amaranth sitting on a tray of green tea leaves. The combination of the flowers' captivating scent and the fresh tea leaves produces a wonderful and balanced aroma. Green tea is an excellent anti oxidant and the globe amaranth is a perfect liver cleanser, great for skin conditions, is said to improve vision and is great fighting headaches !
Preparation Methods:1. Put one blooming flower tea balls into a glass.
2. Pour into glass 150ml 85°C water.
3. Brew for 3-5 minutes until the blooming flower tea ball sink down and fully unfold. The blooming flower tea do not get bitter as fast as regular tea, so it is safe to add time to the steeping.
4. Amaranth blooming flower tea stands up to three to four brewing.
Flavour : Mellow, floral.

you can serve the Flowering Art tea in a high tea glass as well and just add water. You can steep the same tea several times and enjoy the art tea all day

IxCHeL Badges 35mm AU$2 6 badges for $11 or 10 badges for $18

Photos of the badges per type can be seen on my photostream in the badges section on

Just quote the nr that is on the lower righthand corner of the badge when you order. You can order anything you like, multiples of one type of badge or different ones: anything goes !

badges nr1 to 20

Badges 21 to 40

Badges 41 to 59

Email me on or if you want to adopt any of these badges! or fibres : message me on Ravelry or facebook where I am Ixchelbunny !

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-5pm)

There will be BUNNY SPIN INS again in September!! Yeah!
Saturday September 17th –filling up very fast !-
Thursday September 22nd
Bring a plate to share your wheel or spindle, knitting or crochet, yourself and a smile and have a fun day out amongst bunnies and friends ! Please contact me to secure a spot !

Grand Valley Spinners Guild hall, Montrose
Monday 26th of September, +/- 10am til 3pm

A bunny presentation and a chance to cuddle a bunny and some new fibres and yarns!

Little Yarra Steiner School Fair & Open Day
Sunday, October 23rd
A very special family fun day : I will be there with heaps of handspun and hand dyed yarns, art yarns, tops, soaps and tea ! no to be missed !

Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny, message me on facebook there or email me on


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