Friday, January 30, 2015

The Art of Gentle Creating in a Fast World

Another week has passed and yep, in the supermarkets they just cleaned out the Christmas stuff and Easter eggs and hot crossed buns are already piled on the shelves…it is scary and crazy..hence the spoof of the easter bunny meets Game of Thrones in the art

I do not know if this kind of supermarket behaviour and the speed of internet connections are  to blame for the expectations of people : everything has to be done now!. You write a message or email to someone and BAM! you immediately expect the answer to arrive in seconds. Real time, real fast and right now. And yet, here I am, selling fibre that takes months to grow, months to prepare and blend and days to dye and dry and then when it lands in the hands of hand spinners, takes hours , days or even weeks to be made into yarn. It is todays’ very strange combination of wanting it now and at the same time, taking deep breaths and calming down and taking it s..l..o..w……very slow. .
Maybe that’s why a lot of us are so attracted to the world of spinning and knitting and weaving: the “slow” art of living and creating. It makes us stop and listen and notice little things. Not move so fast, or expect it all to be finished in the speed of light…some things need time, lots of time, to start and to finish. And maybe that “taking it slowly” is a good thing. A meditation to keep us grounded and focussed , rather than speeding along in a fast car on a highway, not noticing the landscape that wooshes passed us in a blur of lights.
Slow and easy, in a time that so much is demanded from us at such high speeds, maybe is a good thing and not only because it is relaxing, but also because it creates something personal and beautiful, with every turn of the spindle or wheel. Creating something, takes time, like stop motion animation where hours are spent in creating just a few seconds of a movie. Creating something slowly, makes us appreciate time and life and makes it easier to smile. Rome was not built in a day and the universe, although the Big Bang started it all off in a millisecond (just an expression because time did not exist then…lol) , the actual action of creating everything as we know it, took millions and millions of years. At least spinning is not that slow and a lot warmer too.

This weeks update I thought I would focus on something that a lot of people have asked me about: what is a good fibre blend for socks. I always say “: my super hero blend with stainless steel” ..stainless steel is strong and , just like stainless steel tipped boots, do not tend to wear out thath easily either. So, for all of you intrepid sock knitters/spinners out there, or all of you who want to make a EMF protective jumper: Super hero tops are “it! “
I also have on offer : the pure stainless steel tops for you to spin. Just in case you want to make yourself a Game of Thrones outfit that can withstand any enemy attack AND last but not least : an offer of undyed stainless steel tops you simply cannot refuse ! Happy Snaffling !

Now, I won’t keep you waiting for this update for too long…
Have a snaffle and Happy Spinning !
Big hugs,

Super Hero Tops

Angorino (superfine 18micron merino + angora bunny), Silk, Suri, Cashmere, Stainless steel 316L
100+grams/ 3.6 oz AU$25
Magical to spin and wear.



Grey Wind Dire Wolf-sold-



Khal Drogo -sold and gone to his Khaleesi-

Ice and Fire-SOLD OUT-


Dire Wolf-1 left-


Stainless steel tops

Pure stainless steel tops , 316L, the best quality steel, does not rust
+/- 50grams/ 1.56 oz, AU$16
Stainless steel fiubre is soft and easy to spin !

Pure Stainless steel tops

Undyed natural Super Hero Tops

Angorino (superfine 18micron merino + angora bunny), Silk, Suri, Cashmere, Stainless steel 316L
400+grams/ 14.4 oz AU$75 or 1 kilo for $130 !!!
A deal you cannot miss ! !

Remember when you want to dye the super hero tops DO NOT DYE IN THE MICROWAVE !! the stainless steel will not like it and neither will your microwave !

Natural undyed Super Hero Tops

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable. All my contact details are to be found at the end of this weeks blog entry. Have fun !!!

Dates to put in your Calendar !!


Saturday 11th, 10am-3pm

McClelland Spinners and Weavers Open day “sock it to me”
I will be there with lots of hand dyed tops for spinning and felting and happy rainbow yarn and sock yarn !!!! As well as some amazing Lair of the Bearded Dragon spindles and bowls that are pure magic to spin on !

How To Order:
1. You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or ixchelbunny at yahoo dot com dot au
2. message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny.

I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods.

Any questions? Any custom orders for yarn or dyeing fibre? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Thank you so much for your help and support !



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Hmmm, stainless steel tops, I just told my husband I can knit him armour for the SCA